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The Grammys were pretty interesting

Southern and roots music really won big. Outkast and Missy Elliot won, which was cool; so did U2, which was inevitable. The best classical album went to the London Symphony Orchestra, which wouldn't be that notable except that they had to put it out on their own label because the majors are dropping classical in much the same way that they've stopped beleiving in long-term artist development. Maybe the Grammy judges are trying to send a message. You can read more of the Official Version here. I didn't watch much of the show, but I did see the "O Brother" medley with the "real" Soggy Bottom Boys, Emmylou Harris (rowr), Allison Krauss, and Ralph Stanley. The high point was when 78-year-old Stanley did his chilling acappella version of "O Death," and the response from the audience was spontaneous and appreciative. Even the most hardened gangsta rapper would have to acknowledge that no one has ever captured mortality so well in a musical performance.
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