Daddy-O à Go-Go (rpkrajewski) wrote,
Daddy-O à Go-Go

Presiding Over the Slow Death of My Appliances

A few weeks ago, the dishwasher (low end of the Bosch line, about seven years old) stopped emptying out at the bottom, and wouldn't go through the wash cycles. The friendly repairman came over and took a look – now we have to wait for a part that's not due next the Tuesday after next.

And my Airport Express (which I use to play iTunes through the stereo) died, too. Consulting the oracle points to a blown internal fuse, but I'm not exactly counting on being able to crack it open properly (apparently it's a touch-and-go procedure).

Last Saturday was a busy day:

  1. Paid the bills.
  2. Dropped off S0 at fencing class.
  3. Started a product build at work.
  4. Took the girls to the video store.
  5. Picked up S0 from fencing class.
  6. Drove down the scenic Long Island City and dropped off a lot of my used CDs to get an iPhone. But the friendly iPodMeister said he didn't have any iPhones in stock, since the didn't want to get stuck with old models, so he just gave me cash instead.
  7. Checked out Jones Beach on the south coast of Long Island.
  8. Refueled at a service station on the Utopia Parkway (of Joseph Cornell and Fountains Of Wayne renown).
  9. Grooved to a beat combo at Lit on 2nd. Ave.
  10. Made it home in one piece.

O and S0 are coming back from the Denver on the red-eye. O's at the NCAA hockey final: if you get ESPN, you might be able to see her; she's in the front row just behind the part of the rink boards that says ICE HOCKEY, to the right of what will be the BC end in the third period. BC's allowed only one goal in Denver, so at this point it's theirs to lose.
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