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Considering I've had today off, it's been pretty busy lately. As soon as Saturday morning rolled around, it was non-stop action:
  1. First, to Logan Airport, to drop off O (she and her friend are currently in NOLA, and returning tomorrow evening).
  2. Then, to Sound Bites in Somerville with the kids for breakfast (Wonder Waffles, Plain Old Pancakes, and Eggs Benedict). They still have the old vibe, even in their new, slick digs.
  3. Then back to home base, to feed and take care of our guinea pig before we…
  4. Visit my sister in Natick, to chat and pick up some fabric that my mother was going to use and thence to…
  5. the Fenn school, after a scenic drive through Wayland and Concord along routes 27 and 126. Their summer camp program has a Fall Fun Fest where families come back to enjoy a lunch, crafts (like candle-making, which the kids love), and a small midway set up in the gym. Finally, we zip down to…
  6. Rhode Island to my mom's. After a walk on the beach in front of the pounding surf (thanks to the previous night's storm), we have a quite dinner of simply awesome lasagna, and take it easy. We take on another walk on the beach on Sunday morning. The surf is considerably calmer, and while it feels a bit weird to walk on warm sand in the middle of October, it does feel good. On kid's orders, we went to the Umbrella Factory to look at knick-knacks, and then had a nice lunch at Phil's Hungry Haven (which is incredibly busy in the summer).
  7. After saying goodbye to Mom, we take I-95 up to Attleboro to see my dad. And since we haven't had enough of Rhode Island just yet, we go out for ice cream at Cumberland's Ice Cream Machine.
  8. But we're not done yet ! We still have to get groceries, if only for school lunches. So it's off to Whole Foods, to grab a little something for dinner as well. Mission finally accomplished, with all parties accounted for.

Today was a lot quieter – I spend the morning reading on the 'net and cleaning up various piles of sundry things have accumulating around the house. After grabbing a burrito at Blue Ribbon for an early dinner, I picked up the kids from their after-school kids, fed 'em, and then we all went to S0's den meeting (S1 had fun… she'd be a great Cub Scout).

Tomorrow is my first day at StreamBase. I think it's going to be fun.

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