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Bloat Comes to Kids Software

I remember the first version of KidPix. It was a small, fun drawing program for kids. It featured stamps, sound, and a protected environment. It fit on one floppy disk, or maybe two.

Yesterday, I installed KidPix Deluxe 3; it was very cheap when bought with my tax software, so what the hey. It came on a CD-ROM, and managed to eat 300 megabytes of my hard drive. According the Finder, the Microsoft Office v.X folder takes up 199 megabytes, and there are things I can do with that other than draw, like run a small business. And I can't even figure out how to use the damned thing ! KidPix has grown a zillion buttons and arrows that would intimidate a seasoned user of PageMaker. The other weird thing is that the new, vivid, detail artwork generation tools live side by side with old, quaint, every-pixel-counts style of artwork tools, so it's like two programs are trying to vie for your attention. I think I'm going to start Sebastian off with the older version, cause Daddy can't help him with the newer one.

Aren't there are free/cheap simple drawing programs for kids on the Mac ? Maybe I'll just have to write one. The irony is that even a simple program marketed by a small company (Broderbund) succumbs to a meaningless features race, when the whole idea is to keep it simple. So in this case if it were shareware or freeware, it would be less likely to mutate into The Program That Ate Pittsburgh.
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