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Summer's End

What is it about Labor Day that brings out the crazy in kids ? Once the sun starts setting, it seems like they are trying cram all the bike-riding and hang-outing they couldn't fit into the rest of the summer into a few short hours before their parents call them in.

Also, the school move-in traffic to and from Boston was most impressive. We drove down to New Jersey on Friday night, and, as we travelled westward on the Mass. Pike, we were greeted with a phalanx of headlights of cars filled with college students and their furniture from Target, cube refrigerators, and three month supplies of laundry. And returning today, we just as many cars traveling east, probably considerably lighter and driven by more relaxed parents.

We had a pretty good summer – two weeks of Maine, some weekend trips, and we managed to avoid really hot weather (I think we used the air conditioners for maybe a week total). S0 spent two weeks with O's parents and had a lot of fun at Niagara Falls, Cooperstown (home of the Baseball Hall of Fame), Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.

And now it is time to say goodbye to all that. School time means new clothes, supplies, arranging after-school activities, and generally looking busy. Let the new season begin !
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