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You're never too young for nostalgia

Weird. It's already 2002, which means that the ultra-futuristic-space-car date of 2000 is already starting to look like, well... the past. I like to think about our trip to France that May, and it's starting to recede into a more distant part of my memory because it's now in the "pre-Sophie" era.

Meanwhile, Seb found his old day care "toddler goodbye" book, a collection of pictures taken when he was in the toddler section (now it's preschool for him). This is the first time I've seen him realize that he's been around for a while (only three and a half years !) and that he used to be younger or somehow different in this pictures. I guess this means that he is starting to build up a continuous memory -- I've often wondered when that starts happening.
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