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50/50 Weekend

Well, it started out OK enough. S1 had to stay home on Friday (tummy trouble), but by the time O's parents arrived on Saturday, she seemed pretty happy. So we trekked to Harvard Square in the nice weather, ate at the Border Cafe, and went remainder-shopping at the Harvard Book Store. (Sad: they have lot of good or well-reviewed remainders, ones that should have been bought when they were new. So you're basically profiting off the unintelligence of the book-reading public, right ?)

But by Sunday, S1 was getting more cranky again, and S0 got the same tummy trouble, too. Then O succumbed a few hours later, leaving me as the only member of the household functioning at 100%. (Needless to say I've been washing my hands a lot.) S0 bounced back pretty well, but the girls are still sick. But it looks like S1 will be better for day care tomorrow, which would be nice, since she's missed two days in the past two weeks already. (My mother was gracious enough to watch her for half of Friday.) This too, shall pass, but it's of a pain in butt right now.
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