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Old Man Meets Old Man Winter

Maybe the reason we didn't get a lot of snow this year is that O and I were on the ball and bought nice snowpants and boots – Kamik boots – for the kids last September. Because one of our few failings, being model parents and all, is buying these things in the early nominal “winter” months (like December) when there still isn't any snow on the ground. Of course, all the good stuff in the non-embarassing colors is usually gone by then. I even got a pair of Komik boots in January since I misplaced my good pair of snowboots some time ago.

But today at least the kids finally got to go out in the snow. And the investment paid off. For today, it wasn't just snow, but freezing rain too, resulting in a lot of ice. And yet the kids were out there in the cold stuff for two hours in the late afternoon. These are kids that usually have to pried from the couch with crowbar to get them to go outside, although, to be fair, they also love staying outside once they get going.

I also did some shoveling of the driveway tonight (which was really frustrating – a lot of the snowfall metastasized into a dense layer of slick, unmoveable frosting), and damn, those boots made me feel like I could kick Winter's butt from here to Moose Jaw. They're rated to -40°F (or -40°C, as it's the same temperature – isn't that special ?), waterproof, and very comfortable. If only my gloves were as good – fleece gloves are great when they're dry, but the ones I've got let the cold in once the slightest bit of moisture says hello.

Anyway, tomorrow might be a snow day again for Arlington if they can't scrape the roads clean by tomorrow morning. So we might be playing a lot of Uno tomorrow…
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