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Jacketless In January

We've had an abnormally warm winter so far (something like 30 nearly consecutive days of above-average temperatures), but yesterday really took the brass ring, breaking records that have stood for about hundred years. Today was even warmer (mid 60s °F) – people were out and about in the parks, most without jackets and quiet a few in shorts (and still not meant to be seen in them – ugh). I'm sure today will go down in the history books as well.

I consider myself about 70% convinced of anthropogenic global warming (mostly because even if climate change is hard to call, other signs of CO2 buildup like oceanic acidification are undeniable), but it's days like today, and the acknowledged 30-year warming trend in New England, that really give me pause.

Back in elementary school, we used to sing “over the river and through the woods” around Thanksgiving (you know, the one with the sleigh), but I think I can remember maybe one or two Thanksgivings with snow on the ground. White Christmases have also been pretty rare around here, but it's always nearly cold; then the snow kicks in come January and peaks in February. I think we've had about three days in December that qualified as cold. So the question is, are the past two months and outlier, or the shape of things to come ?
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