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The Future Is Here

I decided to retire my old ZIP disks – we were lucky enough to get a ZIP 250 drive with the used iBook we picked up 2002, and I used it to pull stuff off those disks a while ago. Those disks had old emails, pictures, files and text documents (some of which were promptly indexed as soon as I copied them to the hard drive), and images of old floppies of fonts, clip art, and odd beasts like 1-2-3 for Macintosh. Amazingly enough, Mac OS X can still read those floppy disk images. Now all I need is a Mac Classic emulator for Intel Macs !

1.2 megabyte floppy disks used to be a big deal back when I started using personal computers; then you could archive scores them on ZIP disk. I just pulled all that old stuff from tens of ZIP disks and it barely makes a dent on my computer's hard drive.

Then I posted an ad on craigslist offering the disks and the drive; ten minutes later I had a taker.

It's a very modern world.
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