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Earlier this week, Leslie Harpold, who graced us as helloreplace on LiveJournal, and at many, many, other places on the web as well, died in her sleep due to complications from bronchitis. Like a lot of other people with whom she connected, I never knew her personally, but her assured confidence in her self-expression and grace in using the web as a personal communicative medium earned her a place of respect and affection in my heart. We will all miss her.

Despite legacy of fiction, personal writing, and design that might engender a self-important attitude in a less balanced person, Leslie's manner drew from a well of honesty, a pure enthusiasm and genuine interest in the experiences of others, and a laser-guided sense of what was special about her friends and how they could reach their potential. And when I say that, she was just as spot-on about the big things in life as the most trivial.

Thank you, Leslie.

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