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I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. We spent the weekend in Vermont, in part to see the Maine Black Bears play against the UVM Catamounts in Burlington.

We didn't ride on a Lake Champlain ferry but we did the next best thing on the way to Burlington. After visiting the Neighborly Farm in Randolph, we took a look at the map and saw that the first step of the shortest way to get over to Warren was to take Rt. 65 through Brookfield. First, it was kind of a surprise when Rt. 65 turned into an unpaved road, and then it was even more of a surprise when we turned the corner at Sunset Lake and saw that the bridge over it was, well, more like in the lake, and rather wet. A lot of roads in Vermont follow streams and rivers, but this was ridiculous. What lay before us was the famous Floating Bridge of Brookfield. Thanking the stars that we weren't driving in our old Dodge Neon (which has a really low ground clearance), we made it across without incident. It's probably one of the few marked roads in the country where your vehicle is going to leave a wake under normal conditions.

Unfortunately, the Black Bears did turn out to be all wet and lost to the Catamounts (although Maine did make it interesting by scoring two goals in the last thirty seconds). We drowned our sorrows at Lake Champlain Chocolates, found new friends at the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, and had fine meals at the Five Spice Cafe and Roque's. I think Burlington is going to be our favorite college hockey town...
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