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Annals of Unsupervised Existence

It's been a good day – after determining that we didn't suffer any damage from last night's crazy storm, we dropped off the kids at school, and we had breakfast at Sound Bites in Ball Square. It's usually pretty busy, but O and I were at one of only two occupied tables by the time the owner took our order. (And refilled my iced coffee, too.) After I dropped off O at work, I did some pre-Christmas shopping at Target, and got a haircut.

I also tried out Skype, with my brother in London (and his kids and our kids). He thought the video chat was pretty cool, so now he wants me to get him a webcam for Christmas.

Tonight is start of Brainwaves. There are still tickets available – just show up at the Regent Theatre – just in case you feel like being bombarded. (More hype at the Phoenix.)
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