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An Open Letter To The Next Governor Of Massachusetts

Dear Governor-hopeful,

Whoever you are, can you please try running the state for the last two years of your term, in addition to the first two ? I know it gets a little boring, it just would be really considerate of you to stick to the job while you're still in office.

Sure, after two years on the job and not having the state go down in flames, you think you might be presidential material, but, c'mon, we've all seen that you can be a wonk's wonk or the guy with perfect hair, and you can still find the race for the Whole Enchilada to be a tough row to hoe. Don't worry, it's not just you; the rest of the country thinks we're weird, and that's going to haunt your every move, no matter how you try to distance yourself from us.

So, like, govern, pretty please ?

Your pal,

Concerned Voter
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