Daddy-O à Go-Go (rpkrajewski) wrote,
Daddy-O à Go-Go

It's Been Good, But It's Time

Looks like my old Macintosh G3 is finally giving up the ghost after seven years of faithful service. After it started giving me problems on Friday, and it came back only after a small struggle, I backed everything up. Then it seemed to be OK for about a day, but now it's not cooperating again. The main deal-breaker right now is that re-installing the OS just fails — it could be bad RAM or a motherboard problem, but at this point it's problem better to just move on. Heck, I can always repair it at my leisure once the new 'puter arrives — probably a Mac mini.

Anymore more expensive than a mini is not really an option right now — I want something that can hold the stuff I've got already, and possibly run Windows or Linux inside for my job or whatever else the future holds, so it's probably going to be the slower model with more disk and RAM (since I don't feel like cracking it open the moment I get it). Sometime like an iMac will have to wait. Even then, it's going to be about ten times faster (350 MHz G3. vs 1.63 GHz Core Duo) than Old Faithful. I hope the speed increase eases the pain !
Tags: mac
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