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The Left Arm Of the Conglomerate Doesn't Know What the Right Arm Is Doing

My DualDisc version of the second Franz Ferdinand album, from Sony BMG Music Entertainment, can't play on my portable CD player, made by Sony Corporation in 2004.

DualDisc has been kind of a bust. A lot of the early DualDiscs featured long-form video extras, surround mixes, full DVD-Audio, or better audio quality that can play on a DVD player, but these days it's usually just a few videos and enhanced stereo (which means you get a whopping 10% more bits than the CD version).

And, in practical terms, DualDisc is surprisingly dodgy when it comes to compatibility with CD players. I've never had a problem playing a hybrid SACD (yet another format adopted and then seemingly orphaned by Sony) on any CD player.
Tags: audio, dualdisc, hardware, software

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