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So, my brother and his family visited from England earlier this month. It was good to see the old boy, and we spent the weekend after the 4th together at my mom's place in Rhode Island. The kids had a great time playing together, and it was all kind of new experience for S1, since the last time she saw her cousins, she was very young indeed. On the Sunday of that weekend, all of us jumped into the surf (heck, even the surfers came out), and had a good pummelling.

But was that enough fun for me ? No. After I drove the fam home after dinner, I noticed I had made pretty good time back, so doing the crazy thing and going back down to Providence to catch the Brides was feasible. (Maybe I was egged on a little.) They rocked, treated us to some new stuff, but the vocals in the sound system got shredded, like it was being mixed by Al Jourgensen circa 1989, or maybe Chrome circa 1980, or Gibby Haynes circa 1983.. you get the idea... The lovely juliaghoulia gave me a drink ticket as a consolation; I had to get going for an early meeting the next morning, but I'll always treasure that little card !

S1 is 5 now. The theme for her party was My Little Pony, or as O put it I, Little Pony, and it was, as usual, a good time. Girls are a lot easier to corral at birthday parties than boys, that's for sure. Also, O managed to track down the long-requested gift... Darth Tater !
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