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Twee As F*ck, And Loving It

I was at Tower Records in Burlington while O and the kids were taking in Over the Hedge, and put some of my time alone to something I haven't done for years — idly filing through the bargain bins. I scored both Venice by Fennesz and the Indiepop 01 compilation for a cool seven simoleons a pop.

I haven't finished listening to the The Rough Trade Shops Indiepop 01 CDs just yet, but so far it's great. All the usual suspects are here — Tallulah Gosh, Beat Happening, Field Mice, Felt, Television Personalities, etc., plus Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine in their pre-Creation/drugs phases, a pre-Stereolab McCarthy, and Pop Will Eat Itself before they discovered samplers. It's also cool to have the original version of Sorry For Laughing by Josef K (you can see the video on this DVD, and of course Nouvelle Vague has polished to it to the sheen that all mid-oughties cocktail parties for the Smart Set demand). Some of the inclusions might be a little surprising, like Lush, or bands that came far enough after the whole anorak thing to be self-consciously inspired by the first wave, such as the Magnetic Fields or Camera Obscura, but when you hear it, their inclusion makes intuitive sense. Beside, the best indie pop never needed an accompanying manifesto or certification to function as good pop music, anyway.

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