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Neko Case, All-Around Entertainer

I just came back from seeing Neko Case at the Roxy, and boy are my arms tired. Things went off to a great start as she opened with Favorite, which had been rolling around in my brain before the show. Being in the presence of a voice such as hers is one of the reasons to go out and experience live music.

In an alternate history, Ms. Case would rule a large chunk of the pop music world, but at present she's just the thinking man's (and woman's) country music siren (and, oh, don't forget laser-voice-guided indie-pop singer). This is of course, assuming that the thinking person appreciates her gracious and delightfully kooky onstage banter. Sample: I think my smell just messed up a chord on that last song. Or that her backup singer (really more of a partner), Kelly Hogan, dedicated a song to Arthur Ganson (whom my son and I really dig), having watched a DVD of his work on the tour bus, and even invited him to the show.

For all this and more, Ms. Case is a treasure.

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