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So, we did go to the Garden last night to watch hockey, but Maine wasn't playing, as they'd lost the night before; instead, it was BU vs. BC, and while it was a good game, we left before the overtime started (kids bedtimes, ya know). Maine's season is not over; they will be playing Harvard in the regionals at (sm)Albany on Saturday at noon (thank you, power rankings !). O will be seeing the Frozen Four in Milwaukee this year, which means my annual stint of three days of single parenthood is night. Next year, I do want to tag along, since it's in St. Louis.

S0's recent activities have lead us to a lot of craft store visits lately. First, there was the Pinewood Derby for Cub Scouts (we he made a shark car). And now the kid has to build a model castle with at least three identifiable features. Sheesh, the kid is only in second grade. What ever happened to making dioramas ?

In the “it's never too late to try something new” category, today I bought a non-Braun coffeemaker and tried rutabugas, both for the first time. I live on the edge.
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