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Technology, It Fails Us Now

O tried to update her iPod a few hours ago, and the iBook locked up as the update was finishing. I tried to restart, but the machine couldn't find the drive. Neither could DiskWarrior. There's also the faint scent of warm electronics wafting from the middle of the keyboard, so I'm calling the hard drive dead, Jim.

Most of the data on the iBook is also somewhere else: .Mac (our mail, my addresses/calendar), a backup I made a few months ago, O's iPod (which has the music she just bought), and Flickr (which has a few pictures I didn't copy to the other machine). What's missing: a few of my purchases from iTMS and eMusic, and that's pretty much it.

I'll probably just pop a new hard drive in the iBook, and upgrade to Mac OS 10.4, which has a better version of rsync for doing your own backups. (The Backup program for .Mac users is OK, and in fact I used it on the iBook for my settings etc., but I find it rather disappointing that you can't seem to back up all users' files with it. Every user of Backup has to be a paying .Mac member, apparently.)

On the upside, I went out after shoveling tonight and got FREE BREAD at Trader Joe's. So the evening wasn't a total loss.
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