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This is really strange – many of the cuts on the new Bad Brains compilation Banned In D.C. are mastered from vinyl – even stuff off I Against I, which I've got on CD ! Is this a case of

  1. Analog fetishism taken to a pointless extreme ?
  2. Really bad archiving practices ?
  3. An opportunity to reissue this when they “find” the original master tapes ?
Really, it's puzzling. The early stuff, I can understand. But it's the same company for the reissue and the original release of I Against I. Weird.

OK, I found this from the guy whose analog vinyl playback system was used, via this. Sounds like a case of item (1). I guess, yeah, it kind of makes sense, if you want to “warm up” the sound, but geez, for the stuff that was still available as two-track masters, wouldn't it have just been a lot simpler to work with tape ? Just find the right machines, align them, and put them through that “$25,000 analog front end” that Michael Fremer is raving about. Really, we've come a long way in mastering for digital in the twenty or so years since this stuff was recorded.

Although maybe I could do the cheap version of what that guy is doing: Acoustic Research turntable ES-1 (when having a 33/45 switch is just too maximalist), Grado cartridge, NAD 7140 receiver, and M-Audio FireWire Audiophile (and yes, it can do 24bit 96 kHz, but this computer can't keep up with that !). All I need to do is replace the NAD with some minimalist all-tube phono preamp and I'll have true audiophile cred.

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