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Too Much

I need to cut down on the coffee a little. Sometimes demon caffeine causes me to wake up at about three or four in the morning, having had no trouble falling asleep, but then I can't get back to sleep. That happened on Thursday, and I wasn't too upset because I've been sleeping well otherwise, but I'm taking it as a warning.

I've also noticed that I still have about 150 blank CD-Rs in stock, even though I haven't bought any in years. I just can't resist a good deal, and the fact is I just don't burn a lot of CDs — since they're not too useful for backup, I'm usually just consuming one or two a month — I usually make an MP3 CD of recent purchases (since I don't have an iPod), and sometimes another audio CD of stuff I've bought off iTunes (which I don't do very often).

For those of you with kids or who buy stuff for kids, know that Barefoot Books is having a pretty big sale until the end of February. Kids books, especially books that are more like toys or merchandise tie-ins, are big business these days, but Barefoot Books sticks to storytelling using traditional or original sources. O started shopping on the web, but then decided we should visit the store, which is just down the street from us, relatively speaking, on Mass. Ave. The store features some original artwork from the books, and there's a colorful back party room area with cushioned benches and an imaginatively decorated throne. Definitely worth a visit.
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