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Gene Kelley On Rollerskates

I caught the tail end of a really cool clip of Gene Kelley tap-dancing on rollerskates in It's Always Fair Weather (traila really doesn't give the flava). Truly American culture at its finest. You know -- brassy, athletic, yet friendly. (The best part of the Turner Classic Movies channel is the short films and travelogues from 50s and before.)

S1 has a cold/fever, so we're not going up to Orono, ME to see a hockey name. (Nor to the Portland Tim Horton's to get some Timbits.) It was supposed to be really cold up there tomorrow -- anybody want three tickets to the game tomorrow night ? It's only a four hour drive ! Poor S1 wouldn't nap today unless O held her. I think I've got the same thing, but milder, and my appetite has been ravenous since it came on. S0 doesn't seem all that sick but he too has been eating a lot (even stole a cupcake from a teacher at school, naughty boy). What I would not give for all of us to be symptom-free for a whole month !

Oh well, it's time to tape Iron Chef again. I wonder what sublimely wacky phrase of culinary advice the theme ingredient will inspire this time !
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