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Cutting the Cord

I'm thinking of getting rid of our “normal” telephone number. O and I have a pretty good deal on two mobile numbers from Cingular, and our home number is mostly an entrypoint to telemarketers. I figure, while I'm slimming down our cable bill, why not get rid of the bundled phone service that we're getting from RCN, and just use their broadband connection to support a SIP phone, like from, umm, SIPphone ? We do still need a home phone number, because that's still a useful thing to have, and that what the kids will use.

SIPphone has some attractive features:

  1. A committment to open standards (they don't sell locked adapters to your present phones)
  2. A nifty software phone, compatible with Google Talk soon
  3. Cheap ! I figure we'll pay about six dollars a month.

Internet phone service does depend on having a reliable connection, but RCN has been very reliable for us, and I've got a UPS that can keep the connection going for a while if the power goes out. A bigger problem is that SIPphone, like many other VOIP providers, does not support 911 calling, at least in the initial setup. The guy who runs SIPphone thinks that E911 service should be optional, and we'd be willing to pay for it (and use our mobile phones in the meantime), but if the kids are home alone, 911 must work.

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