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Getting Things Done, After a Fashion

Saturday was a busy day:
  1. Locks shorn
  2. Toxics disposed
  3. WMBR supported
  4. Leaves raked
  5. Shed ordered
  6. Oil changed
  7. Microwave oven ordered
  8. New Apple Store checked out

For much of the afternoon, S0 and I helped with a drive for the Arlington Food Pantry, with the Scouts' Scouting For Food program. The Cub Scouts were stationed outside the smaller of Arlington's two supermarkets, Johnny's Foodmaster (which is apparently so old-school they don't even have a web site), while the Boy Scouts were assigned to the Stop & Shop, the bigger/fancier store. (It's part of a large chain which started in Massachusetts, was acquired by the Dutch Royal Ahold group, and even now is making its way east and south.) The idea is pretty simple: the boys would hand out flyers asking if people would please buy items for the Food Pantry, and those who decided to donate would give their purchases to the Scouts on the way out.

The Cub Scouts did really well. It's a good thing the weather was so beautiful because I don't see how the forty-odd vegetable-crate-size boxes that were collected could have fit in the store. Because so many scouts and parents had turned up for the last hour of the appeal, the donated U-Haul trailer was loaded quickly, and then the crew went over to join the Boy Scouts and add their harvest to the haul.

The Arlington Food Pantry is located in the basement of the Church Of Our Saviour, which is easy to miss. It's so small and weathered on the outside, utterly charming. It took considerably longer to unload the trailer and unpack the donations in an organized fashion, but it was gratifying to see how this effort replenished the stocks of the pantry, upon which around four hundred families have relied in the past few months. And with home heating costs rising this year, the Pantry is, I hope, one factor that will save people from having to decide between eating and keeping the heat on.

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