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Found Weekend

On Saturday, we drove down to my Dad's for a little birthday celebration. My present to him (a walking stick made out of a sumac root) was a hit, and S1 was the life of the party ! Walking sticks are pretty cool, and this one was gnarled and gnarly.

Then it was up to Lowell to see the Maine Black Bears (Go Blue !) take care of the River Hawks 4-1. Not a bad game at all. It had been a while since I'd been there -- nearly all the buildings downtown are from its industrial heyday, and at night, it's a little spooky at night because they all just seem too big for a city that, despite the effort to tourist-ize it, is a shadow of its former self. On the other hand, it would be interesting to take a look at the attractions someday, since Lowell is a place where we started to become a nation of companies and workers instead of farmers. And it's only a 25 minute drive from our house.

Today, it was really warm, so we went to Harvard Sq. so S0 could spend his $5 potty training bonus incentive on a book (Thomas the Tank engine, no big surprise there). The weather was more like April and January, so, while it was a little quiet (due to the Big Game), people who were out were enjoying the weather. We ended with a tasty Malaysian meal from Penang -- they've got a restaurant in Chinatown, and also in a few places in New York and New Jersey (some under different names).

They're predicting a high of 60 tomorrow in Boston, so you might want to break out the shorts.
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