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An evening of fun in the droplets of your dream

(Not that it has to do with anything, but it's just a cool line from a Wire song they played at the Mission of Burma gig.)

A mixed bag of a day. First, S0 slips on some anti-ice pellets in front of day care, with no ice in sight to menace his path. Why were the walkways nearly covered in the stuff ? Calling Alanis Morrisette, do you know what to call this ? Meanwhile S1. drinks well in the morning, after having tummy trouble on the weekend, and eats her morning cereal, but then proceeds to drink only 3 1/2 ounces of formula for the rest of the day. (No fever, just a general malaise.) Still, she perked up when we got home. Aside from the fever scare in August, she has never had an unscheduled medical visit.

At work, things are starting to clear. I landed a big branch without breaking the world on project A (amazingly, the first significant code for me on the head since I started at my employer), and am actually convinced that I understand the problem domain of project B (as opposed to just the software aspects). This crazy thing might just work after all.

The Burma gig is still resonating. Wow, is that what I was missing for all these years ? I am not the nostalgic type, but as the DJ played choice cuts from Pere Ubu, Wire, the Fall, Gen X, and Captain Beefheart between sets, I could not deny that 1979-1982 really was a fertile time for a certain kind of music -- and even then, that "certain kind" was incredibly varied. I've enjoyed the flowerings of different areas of pop since then, but maybe because I my age at the time it set the stage for my listening mindset from then on.

Maybe I can crash at my brother's in London. There's always hope !
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