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It's About Time For the Lounge Revival Revival, Anyway

In the town in which I work, there's a liquor store nearby with an evocative name, LIQUORS, which is written in an ur-70s font like this on its mansard roof, which in turn is topping a dark brick exterior wall that's just like the exterior of my old elementary school.

But that's not all of its charms. I'm not even going to mention the old car inside the store. The original mission object was to look for a brand of sake (it's written down here somewhere), but the first thing I did was glance to the right, where there was a shelf of cocktail supplies, and lo and behold, there were bottles of Fee's Orange Bitters for sale. Now, I've looked for them before with no luck. A while ago, I found a place on the 'net that sells them a case at a kind, and nowhere else, so I kind of gave up. Anyway, I gladly forked over my four sawbucks for this elusive tincture.

Now if I can only think of what to make with it.

Tags: bitters, cocktails
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