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Bumpy Roads Take Me Back

Last evening, just before dinner, I needed to make a trek to the local farm stand. To get there, I need to make a hard left at a “Y” intersection, but on the way back, I can take a little road that goes between the two main roads. It's a very old road (you can see it on an aerial photo of the area that's hung on a wall in the farm stand that must date from the 1940s), part of which is up to modern standards, but the rest is like a camp road in the middle of the woods.

Arlington has a lot of private ways that are in similar states of disrepair (hey, that's part of the area's charm). The kids like it when I take one of them as shortcut to our house; as the vehicle rocks back and forth, they cry out “whoahoo ! whaohoo ! whoah !”

There's also a fairly old segment of a street close the geographic middle of town; it's only about a hundred feet in length, but while you're on it it's like driving up the side of mountain, and yet you're in the middle of a town which has very little open space.

I can remember when my mom would take us to some swimming hole in her early-60s model Chevy sedan, and it was like magic once the woods enclosed the vehicle and the adventure of the bumpy road began.

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