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Rain ? Rain ?

We couldn't escape the rain by heading north to the White Mountains, but a good time was still had by all. We spent most of Sunday at Story Land just until the rain started in earnest around three in the afternoon. S1 got to see her “talking vegetables” (darn, she's not even four and she remembers last year's trip very well !), and together we went on the Polar Coaster, which she loved even though she qualified for riding it only by an inch (in height). Although Sunday was the second day of the season, Story Land was still not quite ready: most of the annuals (flowers) were not yet planted, some attractions had not yet received their maintenance (they charged $14 instead of the standard $22 as a courtesy), and the year sign for the big picture frame hadn't had its “2005” big attached.

The birds in the area were still claiming Story Land as their own. We saw a hawk perched in a tree very close to the mini-train that takes people around the park. There's a Flying Shoe ride; while we were waiting for it, I noticed purple martins flying around the surrounding pond. I thought maybe there were just a lot of bugs around for them to scoop up in flight, but they were also scoping out the ride as a nesting site ! Every time the ride stopped, some of them would alight on the outer part of the arms that supported each “shoe” and try to explore a purple-martin-sized hole in the structure.

One bonus: O reserved a room for cheap that was described as having two beds, when in fact it was two connected rooms with a bed each, so we actually got to have some privacy from the kids, and not have to turn in at 8pm with them. All this and only a little walk up the hill from the center of North Conway !

Normally, we're up there in August, so it was different to see that most of the top of Mt. Washington was still covered in snow. It's really wet on the way there, too. We could notice rivers, streams, and ponds overflowing as we drove up NH-16.

On the way back, we noticed our local mall parking lot was filled to the brim. For shame, Mother Nature, please send more sun our way !


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May. 31st, 2005 02:05 am (UTC)
ah, story land! a place of happy childhood memories.
May. 31st, 2005 02:10 am (UTC)
Where Fantasy Lives !
When did you go ? There was a guy in line behind me in line at the Antique Cars ride (with his kids) and he said he'd been there in 1980.
May. 31st, 2005 02:12 am (UTC)
Re: Where Fantasy Lives !
the summers i turned four and five, i believe. i have photos in which my dad and i are on the train.
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