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Surfacing for a little while

Ugh. Two milestones this week. One big one out of the way, the other tomorrow -- nothing Big to do, just a small box of issues that each are vying for my attention with ferret-like scratchiness. Duelling milestones are especially Fun when the two projects have nothing to do with each other, which makes context switching even harder.

S1 had her six month checkup this week; she's 24 1/2 inches tall and now weighs 12 lbs. 15 oz., so she's kind of peanut, just like S0. She recently went on a growth spurt and is really filling out, as well as sitting up and taking a lot more interesting in the things out there. She still looks so much like her brother, still. It's a kind of pleasant deja vu...

Is Target the best discount store, or what ? It makes me proud and lucky to be an American consumer !

The weekend is pretty busy too. Seeing some friends, and some old band.


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Jan. 17th, 2002 08:37 pm (UTC)
"ferret-like scratchiness"
Well, su huron definitely no es tan amable que el nuestro, mister!

Yes, Target is nice.

I read about the Mission Of Burma reunion! That should be a good show; let us know. So far I've avoided all of those new-wave-nostalgia tours (Echo & The Bunnymen, etc.)

Interesting post you linked to. Yes, Human Sexual Response were quite a fun band. I saw Think Tree once in 1990(?) -- I was in town for MacWorld and a friend who lived in Boston dragged me to the show. Quite intense. I agree there appears to be little of interest going on in the "rock" genre these days, at least the kind with vocals and choruses. (There are several excellent noodly-instrumental type bands, however, such as the sainted Tarentel.)
Jan. 17th, 2002 09:01 pm (UTC)
I am sure that all the Music Guys (you know, the ones who can trace musical influences five generations back, enjoy noodly-instrumental type bands, and have at least two Stereolab records) who love Mission of Burma are going to be documenting these gigs like crazy. Maybe it's nostalgic (especially since they weren't all the popular when they were around), but these guys were on the verge of something and had to call it quits too early.

Think Tree ruled. I really ought to track down stuff from the offshoots, Count Zero and Bongo Fury.

Rock is kind of -eh- these days. I love "intelligent bubblegum" like Sloan, and they can rawk like AC/DC, but the newest one is disappointing. So for bass-guitar-drums-vocals I've been digging into 60s compilations and semi-wimpy stuff like Emitt Rhodes and Millenium.

Thanks for the Tarentel link. Never heard of them before.

If you're into post-rock and all that, this store cannot be beat. They opened a branch in Harvard Square about a year ago and it's very dangerous to walk into with money.
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