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Who should replenish Enron 401(k)s for employees ?

There has been some talk of the federal government stepping in to refund Enron employees 401(k) plans, although I haven't been able to find details on any proposal. I have to admit that I'm not completely sympathetic: financial advisors preach diversification, and one motivation for loading up on Enron stock was, basically, well, greed, as ordinary Joes decided to put their money what looked like a sure thing. Besides, there are lot of working people out there who will have little to retire on but Social Security.

Still, if a reasonable solution is arrived at, you might want to see if these guys and their cronies can pick up the tab.

Update, Thursday, 22.22: It turns out that the reason why Enron stock was such a big part of retirement nest eggs was that that's how they matched contributions to the 401(k) plan. Funny, when Lotus matched for mine, they just used plain ol' money.
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