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That Was The Weekend That Was

First, to get the tragedy out of the way: last week, the kids received a nifty bubble machine as a [very] late Christmas present, which checked out fine with the little bubble soap we have left over from the summer. So we track down an industrial-size jug of bubble soap (find it at Walgreen's) for industrial-size fun, but tonight, when we actually try it, the machine emits a sickly clicking noise; O poked at it and horror of horrors, the fan blades were already broken. Criminy, can't anything last these days ?

Otherwise, it's been pleasantly busy, shopping for this and that, cleaning up before gardening, and O has been painting the back deck – staining it really. We kept on trying to clean and waterproof the deck with in its natural state and it was always a bit dingy. The blue we selected covers it all up and is very water-repellant to boot.

On Sunday, the woman who's going to watch our kids during the summer days came for a get-acquainted session, and so we slipped to the favorite haunt of our youth, Harvard Square. While O went shopping for beads, I sauntered over to Twisted Village and picked up the CD I'm listening to right now. I think it's the same one was in the bin when I brought along S0 in the stroller about, oh, three years ago. I also noticed a flyer for a show listed at the top of the page here – I didn't know John Hovorka was out and about again. If I'm not too crispy from my return flight I'll be there. O and I then made a rendezvous at Café Algiers and noshed on a thoroughly yummy salad plate of hummus, baba ghanoosh, and tabouleh, before parental-mode re-entry.


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Apr. 26th, 2005 02:42 am (UTC)
I've been bummed by Twisted Village's selection during my brief tenure as a customer there... They lean more towards the psych/fuzz/weird rock end of things, whereas I'm always combing over their Experimental Composers and Electronic sections. That said, I'm glad they manage to hold down the fort despite what must be astronomical rent prices in Harvard Square, and I'm equally glad they ended the brief reign of the Snobbish New Yorkers around the corner in fairly short order. But they do have a pretty decent vinyl selection...
Apr. 26th, 2005 02:54 am (UTC)
Twisted Village is definitely fighting the good fight. I just wish they had more of everything !

Did you see the Wired LP there ? It's from some very obscure Deutsche Grammphon free improv box set (yes, I know it sounds impossible), and what piqued my interest is the participation of Conny Plank. But nobody at the store has any idea of what it sounds like. Here it is on the Mimaroglu Music Sales site:

Apr. 26th, 2005 02:55 am (UTC)
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