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That Was The Weekend That Was

First, to get the tragedy out of the way: last week, the kids received a nifty bubble machine as a [very] late Christmas present, which checked out fine with the little bubble soap we have left over from the summer. So we track down an industrial-size jug of bubble soap (find it at Walgreen's) for industrial-size fun, but tonight, when we actually try it, the machine emits a sickly clicking noise; O poked at it and horror of horrors, the fan blades were already broken. Criminy, can't anything last these days ?

Otherwise, it's been pleasantly busy, shopping for this and that, cleaning up before gardening, and O has been painting the back deck – staining it really. We kept on trying to clean and waterproof the deck with in its natural state and it was always a bit dingy. The blue we selected covers it all up and is very water-repellant to boot.

On Sunday, the woman who's going to watch our kids during the summer days came for a get-acquainted session, and so we slipped to the favorite haunt of our youth, Harvard Square. While O went shopping for beads, I sauntered over to Twisted Village and picked up the CD I'm listening to right now. I think it's the same one was in the bin when I brought along S0 in the stroller about, oh, three years ago. I also noticed a flyer for a show listed at the top of the page here – I didn't know John Hovorka was out and about again. If I'm not too crispy from my return flight I'll be there. O and I then made a rendezvous at Café Algiers and noshed on a thoroughly yummy salad plate of hummus, baba ghanoosh, and tabouleh, before parental-mode re-entry.

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