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Big Apple Circus

I've seen the Big Apple Circus before, but the show I saw last night with my kids and my mother was just amazing. The Big Apple Circus uses only one ring, but they really make it work. The theme this year was art inspired by the circus, which yielded some great costumes and sets, but of course the real delight is from the performances, which were inspired. My kids loved it.

There are a lot of videos and pictures on the site, but I'll just draw your attention to two of the acts:

  • Svetlana Shamsheeva has trained dogs and birds to perform all kinds of entertaining feats, but what really takes the cake is that she's got cats working with them, as well. I probably would not believe if I didn't see it.
  • This routine by the Kovgar Troupe is pretty cool, but now they also perform the sequence where launch a man on stilts into a somersault, and do it with a single stilt (unistilt ?) – his legs are bound together, so balance is crucial. And the guy came out out of the somersault and nailed the landing. Unreal.
There's more in the Boston Globe</em>. They'll be in Boston for about a month and will be touring around the northeast US this summer.
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