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Morning Mumblings

It's a sunny spring morning, and I'm enjoying my coffee at Toscanini's on Main St., as seven of Cambridge's finest convene before reporting for duty. So if you're parking on a meter around Central Square, you'd better feed it now !

My son's class theme for the past few weeks or so has been robots, so we were obliged to cough up some dough so he could go on a class trip to see the Robots movie in IMAX (at the Jordan's in Reading). Hmm, not exactly that educational, especially when there is actual robot company about five miles from the school. Oh well, let 'em have their fun !

Next stop: the Newbury Comics in Harvard Square. If you're one of the first fifty people to pick up the new Perceptionists CD at either the store's Newbury St. or Harvard Square locations, you get a ticket to their show tomorrow night at the Paradise. As a fan of Mr. Lif, I was planning on going anyway, but now I've got a chance to do so for the low, low, price of ten clams.

First-rate spice vendor Penzeys is opening a store not far from our house, and according a card they just sent to us, they're hiring – not that it looks like I'll need to work there, but the benefits are pretty good – a 401(k) with 20 or more hours, health insurance with 30 or more. And you'd probably smell more interesting after working in their shop than if you worked in an office !

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