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Will They Ever Know Me ?

So, last night, in a near blizzard conditions, I went to see The Nomi Song at the Brattle Theatre, and it was well worth braving the elements. This film is a documentary of sorts, chronicling the rise and untimely demise of Klaus Sperber, who reinvented himself as Klaus Nomi, an alien who fell from space and was a genuine countertenor to boot. Was he trying to be unknowable ? Was it all an act ? Did it matter ? He never failed to make an impression.

There are approximately a zillion other reviews of this film on the 'net, and I'd like to say that most of them are pretty on the mark – the interviews with his collaborators and contemporaries are good, but more Nomi, please. Maybe they will be shown in more complete form as DVD bonus features, after all the effort it must have taken to collect them. The use of It Came From Outer Space isn't quite as campy as I feared. I also found his live performance of Henry Purcell's “The Cold Song” to be very affecting – however theatrical and considered his presentation of himself, there's no doubt he knew and felt exactly what he was doing.

Here is a fabulous up-close account of Nomi's best days in New York, especially concerning his appearance with David Bowie on Saturday Night Live.


Mar. 10th, 2005 04:20 pm (UTC)
If you don't nomi by now…
Well, a scarcity of material of I can beleive (especially the pre-RCA live stuff), although That Scene was rather well-documented. I'd at least like to see complete versions of the bits that were faded out or cut away from. So tantalizing !

I am not sure about the director's ability to amass material. For one thing, we don't hear much from who we worked with in his “big in Europe” phase. Also, apparently, he did mannequin duty at Fiorucci (kiss kiss). How could you not mention that !


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