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While O and I were enjoying the incredibly strange Master Of the Flying Guillotine, the slowed-down rock music that is used as the theme for the old master of this strange weapon sounded strangely familiar to me. Sure enough, it turned out to be “Super 16” by Neu!, from the album Neu 2. That album is a bit notorious because Neu was running a little short of material, and so they took “Super” and made two other versions that were just the original song played back at 16 and 78 rpm. (I think at least one other song was worked over in similar ways to pad the running time.)

Another strange thing about this movie is that the English language version of the soundtrack is incomplete, which results in patched-together sequences where characters will be speaking English (in the voices we all know and love from other Shaw Brothers productions), switch to Cantonese and English subtitles, and then switch back again as if nothing had happened. So, if you're into exotic martial arts weapons, slightly disorienting shifts in dialog language, or German progressive rock of the 70s, check it out !

I watched four episodes of The Office last night, and am now a confirmed fan. Would we ever see a TV comedy like this in America, with at least three elements that would kill it in the US:

  • A cringe-inducing lead character
  • Pacing that would be ruined by commercial breaks
  • The good sense to stop when the writers knew they would start running out of ideas (a dozen shows and one special).
Ricky Gervais says that he based this show on offices he knew. Wow, I guess I've had a sheltered work life — are things really that bad in the real world ?
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