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Did I Ever Tell You About the Blizzard of '05 ?

Shovel this !
Now that's a snowbank ! We shoveled about half of our side, then the neighbor with whom we share the driveway paid a guy to plow it all. But we didn't touch the vehicle at all before I took this before — despite the two feet (or more) we got, there's no snow on its roof or rear gate. Ahh, the magic of snowdrifts...
Looking down the street
Old Man Winter pimped my ride.

So, Arlington has already cancelled school for tomorrow. Oh boy, a real snow day !

[Tech complaint: just as I was going to start using LJ Scrapbook (formerly Fotobuilder) for hosting these kind of pictures, I couldn't upload most of these from either the Semagic LJ client or using the web interface. How long has Fotobuilder been in development now ?]

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