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Cabin Fever !

Before the Blizzard Before the Blizzard

Snow is just starting to fall...
Lego Tracks Lego Tracks

This is made from a Lego train set I bought in the mid-80s, but those blue pieces in the middle with the cross track are from a train set I got for Christmas in the early 70s ! How I dreamed of making a layout like this back then, but all I had (sniff) were enough tracks for an oval.
Lego Train Lego Train

We put this set around the Christmas tree every year.
Polly Want A.... Polly Want A....

O got me this bottle opener for Christmas.
Lemon Soda From Turkey (the country) Lemon Soda From Turkey (the country)

Ask for it by name ! How does it taste ? Rather strong — both very tart and very sweet.

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