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The Story So Far

Oy. So busy at work. Not exactly a death march, but I've had to devote more time to it than I'd like when there's still holiday stuff to do. Still, it's not a bad week when you get Toscanini's ice cream twice.

Oh yeah, some guy in Brazil with the same surname as me asked me to join his network on Orkut. I stopped looking at Orkut a while ago — what do people use it for, anway ? In more concrete (and useful) matters, O did a lot of Christmas baking today.

I brought out the Christmas music today. I've also been listening the Cocteau Twins EP box, which is pretty much the same thing.

If you haven't seen Hero yet, do. What an amazing movie, the start of the art in Chinese film making, featuring talent from all three of its divisions, mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

R joined us for tonight's hockey game (Maine at Harvard), and despite Maine's 4-1 drubbing in a penalty-laden contest, it was still fun. This took place at the Bright Hockey Center. Getting there wasn't that auspicious — after entering the gate of the athletic complex, we drove around without direction from any of the parking attendants, negotiating a path that appeared without direction or purpose. And yet we ended up only a quick stroll away from the rink. The Bright Hockey Center is the smallest arena we've been to; there's only about ten rows of seats, although the roof is high and made of light-colored planks of wood. Along one wall there is a series of the photographs of all the men's hockey teams from 1899 to the present. During the break after the first period, R and I walked backwards in time. Coaches got younger, their hair darkening. In the 40s boldly striped tights were the thing. The goalie pads got smaller until they looked like thin pillows strapped on the legs. The teams got smaller, too.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent, Napoleon still broods over the smoldering remains of a city he had crossed half the earth to conquer...

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