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O Tannenbaum '04

In yet another sign that the increasingly earlier start of the holiday season is wearing down my resolve, we got a tree today, probably the earliest yet. The aroma from a fir and the gingerbread that O baked this morning did make it smell a lot like Christmas. Tomorrow we're going to the children's holiday party that O's company holds. But we're going to skip the grown-up's version at the end of the week. Now, we do like to go to that and then stay at the hotel overnight. This time, we're going to skip the party, have a nice dinner (a Christmas present from last year that we're finally redeeming), and just go to a hotel.

Most years, O's company party centerpieces feature items that some people like to take away. It's been at least three years since O snagged a gingerbread man that sings “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Well, we liberated him from a holiday decoration box, and, sure enough, he's still working, on the original batteries !

Another gift from downloadable beer logos. No Dinkelacker, but what do you want for nothing ? The page says that you need Adobe Illustrator open the EPS (outline art files), but if you try opening, say, the Boddington's Bitter EPS file under Mac OS X and you don't have Illustrator, Preview will, after some conversion, allow you to view the file and save it as a PDF. Pretty nifty !

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