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The long weekend is giving me some time to catch up on recent releases on DVD. For example, I'm finally going to see Punch Drunk Love. This morning I checked out the “Scopitones” on the supplemental disc; they are basically very short bits of the movie associated with the soundtrack cues. Isn't that kind of a leap from what Scopitones really were ?

Finishing the Matrix trilogy almost seemed more like a duty than a pleasure. Reloaded had its good points, and of course, was just part one of the Revolutions, but the connection between the metaphysics and the cyberdystopian chop-socky was beginning to feel forced. So Revolutions has a lot of things blowing up real good and ludicrously intense action sequences, and, in the end, just feels like either (1) they're trying to hard or (2) the “real” story is buried under so much effects and video-game-like setups and rules that you don't feel like you've understand what's really going on.

On the other hand, Shaolin Soccer is pretty easy to follow and darned funny to boot. Combining martial arts, sports, and wacky Asian humor – why hasn't that been done before ? Anyway, it's a laff riot and well worth the attention of discerning cineastes everywhere.
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