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Not a bad half-week !

Oh boy, I get to work at home tomorrow. S0 is getting out of school early as well, and O is coming home early to bake pies – one chocolate cream, one sweet potato, and one fruit to be named later.

And Christmas came a little early yesterday – thanks to O, we can now play music from iTunes to the rumpus room stereo, through an Apple Airport Express. After a little experimentation with placing the thing, it works great. Right now we're using the analog (stereo) connection, although the receiver it's plugged into can accept digital as well.

Of course, one can never leave well enough alone. We have a Linksys 802.11g router downstairs, and through hack-fu, it's possible to have the Airport Express act as a repeater, which would make it easier to use laptops from the back deck in the summer. I think that kind of fun can wait for now…

Tags: audio, gadgets, itunes, networks, wifi
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