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Acknowledge the inevitable

...and look what happens, November gives us an Indian Summer day. So up go the bird feeders, down come the Halloween decorations, and the summer and winter wardrobes exchange places.

And the weather was perfect for a trip to Salisbury Beach, where we went in search of arcade fun and German fries from Happy's, which, sadly, was closed for the season. So we found our treats of Questionable Nutritional Value elsewhere, and worked them off with games of pinball, air/bubble hockey, and, of course, Skee-Ball, the most sublime indoor sport ever invented.

Salisbury Beach is looking increasingly worse for the wear. The boardwalk is slowly being encroached upon by condos going for half a cool million. There are tattered signs for bringing in casino gambling (apparently rejected).

Hey, summer is coming again, right ?

Tags: amusement, beach, boardwalk, german fries, salisbury beach
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