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To Be Insulted By These Fascists Is So Degrading

Which David Bowie are you?

I dunno; the question ordering on this one makes the outcomes fairly obvious. My favorite Bowie albums are probably Scary Monsters ("Ashes To Ashes" ! "Fashion !", "It's No Game" !), the Low/Lodger/Heroes trilogy, and Hunky Dorey (worth it for "Andy Warhol" alone). Every home should have a copy of Changesonebowie, or however it's being repackaged these days. A guy I used hang out with all the time loved Bowie, especially the Eno period, so we always used to half-mockingly talk about "Divine David" and "Brainy Brian." (There was also "Divine David No. 2," David Byrne. Ahh, 1986...)

Speaking of unaging, the Rhino boxed set Nuggets II, a collection of 60s psychedelic pop hits and near misses from the UK and Beyond, has a cut by one "Davey Jones," -- it's pretty ordinary, a wimpy-sounding Merseybeat type of thing called "You've Got a Habit of Leaving Me," whose only twist isn't even that novel: a standard issue Who/Yardbirds amphetamine-fueled raveup that the Mods ate up. Anyway, there's a picture in the booklet and he's looks like he's about 18 or so. Once WZBC played "The Laughing Gnome," which is sort of like Bowie jamming with the Chipmunks. Weird.
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