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After the 80%+ relative humidity we had a few days ago, yesterday's weather was exceptionally clear. It was like looking through polarized lenses, such was the clarity.

The kids are getting off to a good state with school. In fact, S1 wanted to go today, a Saturday ! So much for separation anxiety.

We had fun at town day this morning, but there was an unintended consequence; we picked up a framed picture from the library sale; later, as I was pulling out of a parking lot, it blocked my few and I managed to pop the turn signal cover off of another guy's car. Ouch. I just hope this doesn't make my insurance go up too much…

And I was trying to print something out a little while ago, the printer had a paper jam. Well, actually, it was more of a moth jam. If you ever need to extrude a moth across a few pieces of paper, the Epson C80 is your machine !

For you Boston-area booklovers, here's a shock: Wordsworth Books has filed Chapter 11.
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