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Regime Change Begins At Home

New regimes all around tomorrow. Today was K's last full day watching the kids for us, since she needs a full-time position and we can't offer her one any more. She gave us a really sweet card, especially sweet for a Burning-Man-attending alternananny. C will be watching the kids in the afternoon and K showed her the ropes.

There will be more ropes to be shown tomorrow, erm, today. S0 is starting first grade, and S1 will be going to preschool, which is conveniently located close to S0's school, and in fact it's about a block from our previous house. We like to stick around, you know ? O was putting little name stickers on S1's stuff, and so she's finally going to be going into the world on a regular basis now !

But I gotta get some sleep first. After all, it's a school night.

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