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K is watching the kids today, and tonight when O and I go out to dinner to celebrate her birthday. So what am I doing with my freedom today ? A lot of laundry, that's what ! I've already done most of the bedthings. It's pretty nice here in the rumpus room with the gentle breeze blowing through the open windows.

With the upcoming job, the pace of Fun and Stuff has been picking up. On Friday night, the fam went to see the Lowell Spinners (one of the Red Sox single A farm clubs). We got there early for the Stephen King bobbleheads, and proving the worth of offspring, we now have four of them to admire and/or sell on eBay. If only we were there for Jack Kerouac bobblehead night !They have a lot of a distractions between innings; my personal favorite was the guy in a dentist-sponsored toothbrush costume that ran around the around bases to clean them.

On Sunday, I helped my sister set up her wireless network for her new iBook – she also splurged on an iPod and digital camera. Of course, there were three open networks in the neighborhood – why bother getting a broadband connection these days ? Anyway, welcome to the cult fold, sis !

I woke up yesterday and decided it was time to see a Red-Footed Falcon. O immediately packed snacks for the kids; after a quick drive down and a false start at Woods Hole (umm, you can't usually park there for the ferry), we arrived at Oak Bluffs, had lunch, ice cream, and then took a taxi to Katama Airfield. There were about twenty other birders there. S1 was more interesting in the planes and the sand in the road but S0 was able to follow the rara avis with my binoculars.

And the airfield was pretty neat, closer to “Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines” than Terminal B at Logan. I noticed a red biplane (like a Sopwith Camel) that kept landing and taking off. People were eating on the café porch behind the office, like a select little club. And there's a beach at the south end of the field.

This was the first time I've been to Martha's Vineyard in about thirty years ! The tour busses looked just the same.

After all that, we just made the 4:10 ferry back to Wood's Hole, with S1 sleeping on me as soon as we found a seat. On the shuttle bus, I had to stand while the kids shared a seat, and the little girl next to them on her mother's lap wanted to tell them her stories. S1, for one, paid rapt attention.

The drive back was uneventful, but is there always a half-mile backup south of the Bourne Bridge on weekday at 6 pm ? Sheesh.

Now for lunch and errands. The Fun Never StopsSM !
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