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I never thought that not having a job would take up so much of my time. Between watching the kids, chasing down job opportunities, and getting errands and things that I've been meaning to do for a while done, there's not really much time left !

While the DNC's impact around Boston was pretty minimal (aside from the annoying helicopter flights), it was nice to get out of Dodge for a while. My mother let us use her place in South Kingstown, Rhode Island for that time, and we had a great old time going to the beach, playing mini-golf, and doing nothing, in that order. This is probably the most I've gone the beach since I lived with my family, and it feels good. I've actually got a tan line at the waist for the first time in ages !

South County, as that part of Rhode Island is known, is quiet, but there's some good stuff around. Jane and Michael Stern recommend Aunt Carrie's, an overgrown clam shack serving a speciality of clam fritters. Although we didn't go there, the Sterns also recommend the Nordic Lodge, “Home Of the Giant Viking Buffet,”. On Route 1 between Charlestown and Westerly lies the pleasantly low-tech mini-golf course and the pleasantly high-tech Dave's Coffee, complete with interactive web site and wireless internet access. The first time we visited the java joint, O and S1 had their picture taken. The second time, I brought along the iBook so that O could catch up on her work email.

One odd thing about driving along Route 1 is how many Tim Horton's donut shops have popped up. Rhode Islanders love their donuts, and it is there that the Canadians have decided to invade.

We also drove to Mystic, Connecticut, to visit the aquarium, but it was jam-packed. Still, we had a good stroll and watched the drawbridge go up and down. We stopped at Sea Swirl (yet another Stern-approved clam shack) for soft-serve ice cream, but we'll go back for the clams someday.

And, despite evidence to contrary, working for a living can be rewarding. The job search is picking up again — the process itself is still slow, but at least I'm interviewing. The opportunity with the .NET poster boys fell through, unfortunately, as they keep on changing their minds about what they want; they decided they didn't need someone with C experience, but they might change their tune yet again, as Microsoft has pushed back their next OS beta. Oh well. Meanwhile, the transportation consultancy would love to have me but they are trying to get some contracts in hand first. The most I can hope for now is that with more interviews, there will actually be some incentive for an employer take less than two months to complete the interview dance.

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